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Customer Testimonials

Customer Feedback:   No Where Escapes the Stink  —  ". . . thinking that someone might have died."

This testimonial has been a long time coming. I have four years worth of stories. The first time I bought Liquid Ass, I sprayed it in the shower before my husband came home from work. As he was about to hop in the shower, he noticed the stink and asked our 7 year old son if he'd wiped his ass properly. He even went as far as to check his ass!! Lol!

Since then, there's been no stopping me. I've assed my 80 year old grandparents and they believe that my brother has a problem with his ass. My grandfather exclaimed, "It smells worse than a monkey's assh***!" I've closed down cinema toilets, work toilets and seen babies, dogs and even fat people blamed for the stink! I've taken on new recruits and had friends ass the east coast of Australia. My sister took some to Europe and assed some landmarks and cruises. My brother and his partner are huge fans and all together we completely skunked a museum. My sister-in-law has assed hotel corridors whereby staff have knocked on doors of guests' rooms thinking that someone might have died. I've assed a teppanyaki restaurant, a classy yacht club whilst eating lobster (where the staff thought someone must have walked dog shat through the establishment, closed down the toilets, and made a whole table of patrons nearby get up and move), poker machines at a club (where all the people on the machines are stuck!), popular tourist attractions, cinemas, theatres playing famous musicals, trains, buses, ferries, lifts, playgrounds, a religious establishment, huge departments stores, furniture shops, and hardware shops. No where escapes the stink!

I have exacted revenge on a rude check-out chick on behalf of my father. The most recent success was a huge family reunion — absolute gold.

I want to thank the Assmen for creating a product that has brought so much laughter to my family and I. My Liquid Ass travels with me in my handbag wherever I go. The confusion and disgust on people's faces is hysterical. I'm hoping that when I get over to the US, that I can come and visit the factory for a tour!! Keep up the great work, LA is the best!!

— Bec in Australia

Page last updated 10January2019