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April Fools Day Pranks

Liquid ASS:  Funny April Fools' Day Pranks

April Fools Jester

Put Your April Fools' Day Pranks Over the Top

With some clever, somewhat devious, uses of Liquid ASS, you can pull the funniest April Fools' Day pranks ever. Liquid ASS should be a key part of every prankster's repertoire. See below for ideas for April Fools' Day pranks.

So what is Liquid ASS?

Liquid ASS is an overwhelming, stinky, funny prank product. Once unleashed, this power–packed, super–concentrated liquid begins to evaporate filling the air with a genuine, foul butt–crack smell with hints of dead animal and fresh poo. The funny pranks you can pull with Liquid ASS are unlimited. Watching the facial grimaces of people and hearing their comments about the part–your–hair, gagging stench will have you laughing until it hurts.

Liquid ASS April Fools' Day Prank Ideas

People:    Squirt Liquid ASS directly on the April fool himself. BE CAREFUL! Liquid ASS is silent and the thin stream is hard to see or feel, but given the circumstances, it is easier to get caught. But, watching the person walk around smelling like an April Fools' turd is worth the patience and effort.

Offices/Rooms:    Squirt liberally with a sweeping motion over a large surface area. On most carpeted floors, Liquid ASS is not visible and the smell lasts longer. On tile floors, squirt in the corners to minimize light reflection. (See illustrations below). A good rule of thumb is to apply Liquid ASS around the perimeter of the target area or approximately that same amount spread over the middle area. Within 5-10 minutes, Liquid ASS begins to roar and the April Fools' Day hilarity has begun.

Liquid ASS application

Liquid ASS streaming tip

Automobiles:   Since cars enclose a small area, Liquid ASS is extremely effective. The downside is that you will probably miss most of the April Fools' reaction which is 50% of the entertainment value (unless, of course, you are riding in the car enduring the April Fools' stench yourself).
       •    For a friend, put some Liquid ASS on a rag and stuff it under the seat.
       •    Otherwise, hammer it (carpet, seat fabric, corners, etc.).

Liquid ASS mister

Elevators:   April Fools' Day "smellevator" (small enclosed areas are perfect).

Door handles:   Their hand will smell like they shoved it up Andre the Giant's ass.

Liquid ASS "poo dollar":   A classic April Fools' Day prank.

Office chair:    Put it on the April fool's chair directly; get it on the April fool's clothes indirectly.

Telephone receiver:    Give the April fools something to talk about on their favorite day.

April Fools' Day balloons:    Get the party started by popping an ASS balloon.

Fan:    Ahh . . . the smells of April fools' Day (apply to a rag and throw it on the shroud).

Public transportation:    An April Fools' Day miracle.

Office desk:    Perfect April Fools' Day prank for your favorite brown-noser (apply around the rear edges).

Customer Testimonial:  Office Prankster Gets Pranked

A guy in our office happens to be the biggest prankster around. We sprayed Liquid ASS in his office just before he got in and he didn't know what hit him. We let the bomb off over his desk and he was so digusted that he threw out his phone and computer keyboard stating (excuse my french), "Someone wiped their ass on this!!"   ha-ha   He thought a dog had let one go in his office! It was so funny because, not only did it smell horrible (due to the three sprays), but he was blaming EVERYONE!!

We never let on who did it. We are thinking about doing it again because it worked out better than planned. He has no idea who did it!!!

It was worth the money to have done this stinky prank. Thanks a lot!

   — Master Blaster, Long Island

Customer Testimonial:  Apartment Building Pranks

I purchased some Liquid ASS and I have to say this stuff SMELLS!! IT SMELLS LIKE ASS!! I went around putting some all over my building. My building has over 200 apartments. Everyone in the building is talking about it. The Super has been searching and searching trying to find out where that smell is coming from!!!

Liquid ASS is the best!! Take this stuff to the movies, parties or anywhere and it will be a blast of fun!! I have to thank you guys for making such a fun, funny and overall great product!! Liquid ASS!!!

   — Randy and Jose from Brooklyn, NY

Customer Testimonial:  High School Classroom Prank

Hey guys, just thought I'd pass along a hilarious story to you. I was sitting in Algebra — first day back from a 4 day weekend — last period of the day, so everyone is burnt out — as boring as watching cheese age. PERFECT time to unleash some Liquid ASS! Wakey wakey. I first sneaked a spray underneath the desk in front of me. I was sitting on the far wall in the class in a carpeted, poorly ventilated room. Nothing immediately, just a few noses crinkling and checks of the shoes for dog crap. After a few minutes, the realization began to sink in that if they were to continue to sit where they were, they'd probably start vomiting because by now the stench was unbelievable. The teacher ordered everyone sitting on my side to relocate farther left, the stench not reaching her or the left side yet.

I moved behind my friend and he was saying how he couldn't smell anything. Bad thing to tell me! I sprayed a good stream under his desk and to the left of me to give the people over there a greeting. After a few seconds, he turned around and gave the most twisted face and exclaimed, "OOOOH!" and draped his jacket over his nose. By this time, it had spread to the teacher who had to stop her lesson and stand outside for fear she would throw up. She was blowing her nose and rubbing her eyes the whole period. There was not a single person not holding their nose or draping their shirt or jacket over their face. Some comments that I heard were:

    "It smells like horse boo–boo!"

    "Someone needs to wipe their ass!"

    "Is there something dead in the ceiling or something amiss?"

and the best comment I heard:

    "I'd rather shove my head up an elephant's ass for a day than stay in this room another minute!"

after which, he left the room. I just wish I could have gotten this on video!

Thanks again, ASSmen!

   — John from Arlington TX

Customer Testimonial:  Office Phone Prank

First off just want to say Liquid ASS is amazing. We have used it extensively in elevators, offices, bathrooms, and at other opportune moments. The finest prank so far has been the phone. Placing a small amound of Liquid ASS directly on the mouth piece lasts for days and is not detectable until it is right next to your face. Placing a call to the person who you have hit with the Liquid ASS is an amazing prank. I am not sure if this is unique to the cicso voip phones or not, but the smell persists more than any other surface area we have tried. My coworkers got me on my voip phone and it was definitely a home run. My being the prankster, I have transferred my receiver to another phone and took the "clean" one for myself. Not only did the fresh recipient have an amazing ASS experience with talking on the phone, so did I. The smell somehow transferred from the base phone to the new receiver. We have tried many different chemical brews to remove the smell and it just persists. Currently, a solid 24 hours later, my mounth piece smells like pine, assorted chemicals and a hint of ASS. It truly is amazing. The plastic must be porous enough to harbor the foul liquid for extended periods of time. We made an office ruling that the phone will not be touched except for those we truly dislike. Be warned small amounts on the mouth piece will last for a LONG time. The person I transferred receivers with had a conference call later in the day and he had to endure the smell for over an hour. It was hilarious.

   — Steve

Customer Testimonial:  High School Lunch Room Prank

Today I got the best laugh in my entire laugh. I got my Liquid ASS on Saturday and tested it around the house. I put some into a trash can and my parents thought one of the dogs threw up. I then put some behind my sister's toilet.

When Monday came, I was ready to have some real fun. The first prank I did was spraying some Liquid ASS into my friends locker, making it smell like shit. It's going to take forever for that to go away.

Then (now the real fun begins) I went to the lunch room early, and sprayed some Liquid ASS behind one of the vending machines (which are in a separate room which is attached to the main eating room). I put about two squeezes behind the machine, bought my Dr. Pepper and got the hell out of there. About 5 minutes later, when people were coming into the lunch room, I saw them holding their nose and shit. This was seriously the funniest thing ever. People were seriously like gagging and shit. I laughed for the entire lunch period. When I saw my history teacher (who I don't care for very much) walk in the and start to gag, I laughed so hard I seriously could not hear out of my right ear.

Thank you so much. This is the best product I have ever bought.

   — AC in LA

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